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Project Fi Full Review 2018

Project Fi Review

Google’s Project Fi is almost a perfect invention of what a
wireless carrier should look like. It’s not only a great service but it also
has one of the best pricing. The only major issue that might prevent some
people from purchasing it is that it only works with a set of Nexus handsets
and devices. Typically, Project Fi has been developed to help you overcome the
disadvantages of a single wireless carrier. As compared to any other major
carriers, it provides this service more transparently and less expensively. In
fact, it perfectly accomplishes these goals. But what is project fi…

What is Project Fi?

Project Fi can be described as a phone carrier offered by
Google. It functions in such a way that it offers you mobile data in three
mobile networks which you can easily switch to. Also, it uses Wi-Fi to send
texts and make calls whenever possible. Unlike other traditional carriers,
Project Fi is a prepaid carrier that allows you pay upfront for the service
that runs for one month.

Project Fi Costs

The basic cost of Project Fi is only $20 a month. The moment you
pay this, you can get unlimited text and calls. If you want to access the data,
you will only need to pay $10 per gigabyte. Also, it does not have any extra
charge if you use your phone at Wi-Fi hot spots. If you want data, you simply
sign up for the amount of data that you want to use and you will get a refund
of any data that you have not used within the prod. However, if you go beyond
the amount of data that you were given, you are only charged for the extra
data. This means it’s not only cheap but it’s also very much transparent as
compared to other services that you normally get. When you are approaching your
limits, Google will alert you so that you do not get any surprises.
At the beginning of the month, you simply calculate the amount
of data that you will use and purchase that. At the end of the month, you
either pay a little extra for data averages or you get a refund for the data
that you did not use. No matter what, you will only be charged the amount of data
that you need. The good thing is that you can cancel or pause the service
whenever you feel like. Remember, this is a one-month commitment hence, there
is less risk involved. In fact, many customers always safely try it out before
canceling their other services.

How does it work?

Project Fi uses a special sim card and a little software that
can authenticate you based on Sprint-Mobile and U.S cellular. After getting
your sim, you only need to put in your phone and follow a few prompts and then wait as
Google handles all the behind the scene work involved with importing your
details and establishing your connection. You can always switch between them based on a number of
factors. Since it can use Wi-Fi for texts and calls, you can still continue to
use your phone in areas where the data is not that good. To reduce your data
usage, it has extra software called Wi-Fi assistant that will automatically
connect your phone to open access points when you are not within the house. You
also access some of the features that have made Google voice the best. Project
Fi also works well in 120 countries at no additional cost. The data that you
use internationally only comes out of your normal gigabyte.

Is Project Fi right for you?

There are very many good features that make Project Fi a good
service. These include the simplified billing system and the improved network
coverage through the use of Wi-Fi networks and three carriers. You can switch
to the one you want based on what you intend to achieve. The pricing is based
on the features you want and the amount of data that you normally use. Before
choosing the best pricing carrier, it’s important to do a pricing research so
that you can settle down on the best. Irrespective of anything else, it’s good
to hold on to Project Fi since it has many benefits that you will enjoy. It’s
perfect in very many ways where other carriers are not. Whether you have
decided to purchase it or not, it’s a good idea to try it out and see what it
has to offer. In fact, you will not lose anything by simply checking it out.

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