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Mackeeper Review – All You Wanted To Know!

If you’ve been searching for a software to protect your Mac as well as make it run more faster, you’ve come to the right website. I want to assure you that this review is not coming from someone who has never used the product. I’ve bought Mackeeper myself and I’ll show you my proof of purchase below. I fully understand that people are fed up of Mackeeper reviews which are actually not coming from real users of the software. This review extremely detailed and I’ve captured many screenshots so that you can easily learn about all the features of Mackeeper and decide If you need to buy it or not.

Mackeeper consists 16 different utilities in one interface and If you buy all those utilities separately, you will end up spending more than $500. Mackeeper’s price is only $40 and It offers a ton of features. I really don’t want you to believe my words but I encourage you to see the features below and decide If you agree with me.

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Those day are long gone when Mac was totally safe from all sort of attacks and viruses. Now online scammers have designed many threats and Trojans which can seriously affect Mac computers. Mackeeper also consists Antivirus module and this software is rated as #1 Antivirus software for Mac. This software is completely safe and It will keep running in background without affecting your Mac’s performance. I’m breaking down this review in various sub-headings for you to see how this software works. I’m also including screenshots along with feature’s description so that you can understand it better.
Mackeeper’s Installation
Installing Mackeeper is very easy as you just need to download a very small installer file (about 380 KB) and that file will fetch latest version of Mackeeper from Zeobit’s servers directly and install the software automatically. You don’t need to drag and drop the installer file in Application’s folder because everything is done automatically.
Once the installation wizard begins, you’ll be asked to choose the install location. You can choose the partition you want and that’s it. Now you can run Mackeeper and customize it according to your requirement. Some screenshots from the installation :-
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After installing Mackeeper, you are ready to run it. If you want to locate it, you need to go into “Applications” and Its icon looks like a “Muscleman”. I’m sure you can locate it easily and then create a shortcut on Desktop to access it more conveniently. Just after I ran Mackeeper and entered my license key, It got validated online on Zeobit’s server and after verification, I got this screen :
Now I’ll tell you more about each and every feature of Mackeeper. Read the Mackeeper review carefully and feel free to ask any questions you might have by posing a comment at the bottom of this page.
1. Internet Security
Internet Security is the first module of Mackeeper and It is a part of “Security” features in Mackeeper. Internet Security protects your computer from viruses, malware, spyware and harmful Trojans. Please note that you need to install Internet Security by clicking on “Install Internet Security” button in Mackeeper. It won’t cost you anything additional and Mackeeper will download latest definitions automatically from servers. The virus definition files are nearly 100 MB in size and that’s why this feature is not included in standard installation as that would make the installer file pretty large.
This module protects your Mac from all potential attacks as well as viruses. This module blocks harmful websites automatically (It finds malicious website’s from its internal database) as well as you can block bad websites yourself. If your kids use your Laptop, you can block them from accessing certain websites.
Mackeeper Internet Security..Download mackeeper
2. Anti-Theft – Find Stolen Mac
I’m really not sure If this feature is useful as I always keep my Mac with me and don’t leave it anywhere. However, the scenario can be different for different people and I find this feature really innovative. If you leave your Mac inside your car or If it gets stolen in bus, train and similar places, you can find it back easily. This is how anti-theft feature works :
A) When you install Mackeeper, you need to click on “Anti-Theft” and then click on “Start Using Anti-Theft” as shown in the screenshot below :
B) Once you’ve activated “Anti-Theft” feature, there is nothing more you need to do. Now If you Mac gets stolen, you need, you need to Log In into your Zeobit’s Mackeeper account using another computer and navigate to Anti-Theft feature and click a button named “Mac Was Stolen”.
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C) Now as soon as thief turns on your Mac and goes online, Mackeeper will automatically capture a photo of the person using your Mac as well as the location from where the Internet was accessed. You can use this photo and location to police so that they can help you get your stolen Mac back. If you’ve a snapshot of thief, things are much easier for you.
3. Data Encryptor
Data Encryptor is a part of “Data Control” features in Mackeeper and It basically hides your files and folder so that nobody can view them or find them through using terminal or any other utility. To start using Data Encryptor, first you need to create a secret password which you can easily remember.
You can use this utility to hide your important files, passwords, banking and credit card information so that nobody can access that information in your absence. After creating a password, you need to drag and drop the files (or folders) which you want to hide from other’s. To make your password more secure, you can also use AES-128 or AES-256 bit encryption. Once you lock the files, nobody can access them anyhow. To access those files again, you need to unlock them using Mackeeper and those files will be visible again in their original locations.
4. Recover Deleted Files on Mac – File Recover
This feature of Mackeeper alone is worth more than $50. By using this feature, you can recover the files you’ve deleted accidently from your Mac. Sometimes, It happens that you end up deleting important stuff accidently and you need to recover it later and File Recover module can be a really big help in such cases.
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All you need to do is, click on “Select Volume To Scan” and select the location where the file was available prior to deletion. Mackeeper will automatically show you a list of files which are recoverable from that location and you can get your lost file back very easily. Even If the file was removed from the trash bin, you can still recover it. You can also use this utility to recover files from USB Hard Drivers, Pen Drivers, Memory cards and other similar media.
Please note that when you are recovering deleted files from Mac, it is important to know when the file was deleted. If you’re trying to recover a file which was deleted over a year ago, then you might not be successful. However, If you’re trying to recover a file which you deleted a few days ago, you should be able to recover that file. The reason behind this is, the clusters on hard disk get over-written everyday and If you write a new file on the clusters where the old file was present, It will make recovery impossible. Therefore, try to recover your files as soon as you realize your mistake. Once the old file is overwritten by new data, you can’t recover that file anyhow.
5. File Shredder
Shredder is a utility to shred your files permanently so that nobody can recover those files again even by using any sort of data recovery products. This utility is useful when you want to delete some files which you don’t want anybody to see again. In another scenario, when you are selling your Mac to someone you don’t know, you can shred your important stuff so that the new buyer can’t try to recover your stuff from Mac.
Please note that simply deleting files is not enough because specialized recovery software can still recover those files easily.  To delete files so that they can never be recovered, just drag and drop the files on shredder and those files are gone permanently. Now nobody can recover those files anyhow! Use this feature carefully as It is irreversible operation.
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6. Backup
This module of Mackeeper is useful for creating backup copies of important files to a Thumb Drive, external hard disk or FTP. You can use this utility to backup your important files and get them back again in case something bad happens.
To use this feature, you need to add files (Which you want to backup) into Backup module and select the Automatic backup feature. When this feature is activated, Mackeeper will automatically backup the files on scheduled time.
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7. Zeodisk Service
Zeodisk Feature of Mackeeper is not live yet but It is a way to backup your data online and access it across all your Computers and Smartphones. This feature is still under development and I’m seeing that this feature is taking way longer than expected. Mackeeper says that this feature will be released in Second quarter of 2013 but now we are in third quarter of 2013 and this feature is still not live. I’ll enquire more about this feature and post an update here.
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8. Fast Cleanup Of your Mac
Fast cleanup is a useful feature to clean junk files on your Mac and free up some additional hard disk space. I believe that hard disk space is rarely a problem now but this feature is still useful for cleaning up your Mac. This module is based on 4 utilities :
A) Binaries cutter
This utility removes unneeded parts of applications without any bad affect on your functionality.
B) Languages cutter
This removes unused language files from various Mac applications and thus frees up some space.
C) Logs cleaner
This utility removes logs created by various applications which are really not needed.
D) Cache cleaner.
Removes cached files by the system
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If hard disk space is not a problem for you, you really don’t need to use Fast Cleanup feature of Mackeeper.
9. Duplicate Files Finder
Duplicate files can be a real problem as they take up unnecessary space as well as confuse the user. It is very likely that you’ve saved same files (or photos, Music) on various locations on Mac while you actually need just one copy of them. You can use this utility to locate multiple instances of same files. This utility can examine entire hard drive and show you duplicate files. You can decide which files you want to keep and delete.
You can also use this utility on a particular folder. Say, you’ve duplicate photos in Pictures folder and you want to remove duplicate photos. In this case, you just need to select the Pictures folder and Mackeeper will automatically find duplicate files even If you’ve renamed them. Just make sure to remove the duplicate files carefully after the scan.
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10. Files Finder
Files Finder works same as Finder in Mac and I really don’t find this utility very useful. This utility allows you to set presets to find the files more easily and offers more features than Finder. I’ve not used this module as I never needed it.
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11.  Disk Usage
Disk usage is a good way to know which files are taking up space on your Mac. This utility scans all the files and reports the disk usage like this :
Files less than 1 MB are colored as green.
Files more than 1MB but less than 1 GB are Yellow.
Files between 1 and 10 gigabytes are marked as Orange
All larger than 10 Gigabyes are Red.
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You can set the colors and file size requirements according to your desire in preferences.  I find this tool very useful to know specially about large files on the disk which are taking up space.
12. Smart Uninstaller
Smart Uninstaller is a powerful way to un-install software products from your Mac. This un-installer is different and it removes all the associated files completely and doesn’t leave anything.
This module is also designed to deal with “LeftOvers”. You can use this feature to isolate the files which were not removed during previous un-installations of various products. You can locate those leftover files and remove them easily.
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13. Update Tracker
Update Tracker is a very powerful as well as extremely useful feature of Mackeeper. If you’ve nearly 100 applications on your Mac, can you check If you are using latest versions of all those applications?
Using latest version of all applications make them work faster as well as you can get rid of problems you were facing in pervious versions. But this applies only If you update your applications and how would you know If there is an update available? Checking updates for each application is a huge task to do!
Mackeeper makes this easier with their module “Update Tracker”. This feature automatically checks for latest versions of all products installed on your computer.
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It is highly recommended that you use Update Tracker once every week to get latest versions of all applications on Mac. When you scan your Mac with Update Tracker, It marks up-to-date applications with Green color and outdated applications with Red Color. It will also show latest version numbers of outdated applications and also give you an option to update those applications at once. Some applications will get updated automatically while you might need to download some applications manually. You can scan your computer again to know which apps are still outdated and update them accordingly.
14. Login Items
This utility is useful for boosting up Login time of your Mac. If your mac runs too many applications during its initialization, It can make it very slower. By using this utility, you can see the Login Items and stop unnecessary applications from loading at startup, thus making your Mac much more master.
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15. Default Apps
This module shows which application will open when you try to access a file with a particular extension. Sometimes, It happens that when you install a new software, It automatically associates itself with a particular file type while you don’t want that to happen.
A more practical example : You are used to play your music with iTunes but you install a new Jukebox which silently takes over all media files. Now when you click on a media file, New Jukebox launches instead of iTunes. To fix this, you can use Default Apps utility and fix the file associations very easily.
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16. Geek on Demand
Geek on Demand feature can be used for asking technical questions related questions to your Mac. I find it so amazing that a company will answer your other technical questions If you own their product. What a Joy!
You can use Geek on Demand to troubleshoot other problems with your Mac which are not directly related to Mackeeper. Don’t you find this very interesting? I do!
Download mackeeper
Live Chat
Live Chat is available to all Mackeeper users to get them quick response with their problems. This proves that Mackeeper is really supporting their products. I did a live chat at late night and an operator was instantly available. What a Joy when you are really having some problems and live assistance is just a click away!

Conclusion :

Mackeeper offers so many different features for a very low price. Although I find that two or three features are somewhat less useful but other smart utilities make up for everything. Just the antivirus module is enough to justify price of Mackeeper and everything else is a bonus. I was pleasantly shocked to learn that Mackeeper is backed by 365 days money back guarantee. I don’t have anything left to say!
If you’ve any questions or comments, feel free to post them here. I want to discuss everything with you guys and hear your opinions as well.

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